Soulful Metal with some bounce

Manuel is a guitarist known for his ability to play a variety of musical genres, ranging from blues, rock, soul, metal, jazz, and hip hop. His passion for guitar has taken him to share the stage with amazing musicians for the past 16 years. His music is a unique blend of metal, progressive Latin, and fusion. From dirty chunky riffs to luscious chords to smooth melodies. Something for everyone to groove to. 

MANUEL just released his EP titled, "Underneath." It's an in-depth look into who Manuel is. Each song takes you through life experiences, good and bad. Joining Manuel on the recordings is Joaquin Sandoval on the drums, and Thomas Hiscock on the bass. Give it a listen.

"Manuel's EP is a true musical revelation, defying conventions and pushing boundaries with its genre-defying fusion of heavy metal, Latin rhythms, and surf elements. His guitar prowess is nothing short of awe-inspiring, delivering a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression.” - Stacy Parrish is a renowned recording engineer, music producer, musician, and songwriter with six Grammy awards within his collection of accolades.

FFO: Marty Friedman, The Mars Volta, Dream Theater, Santana, Opeth


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